Manchester Unity
220-226 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000.
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Manchester Unity
Manchester Unity
Manchester Unity board room
Manchester Unity
Manchester Unity
  • Constructed in 1929-32.
  • Designed by Marcus Barlow.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no. 602994).
Building Description:

The Manchester Unity building is one of Melbourne's most iconic. Constructed between 1929 and 1932, it had a brief experience as Melbourne’s tallest building. Designed in the "commercial Gothic" style, Manchester Unity is intact both inside and out and for many years was the administrative headquarters for Manchester Unity IOOF, now known as Australian Unity.

Manchester Unity was constructed during the Great Depression using round-the-clock labour. The exterior is clad in terracotta and features figures of benevolence and charity. The Manchester Unity building was the first in Victoria to have escalators.

Manchester Unity’s beautiful interior is lavishly decorated with fine wood and marble. Within the foyer figures of industrious Victorians are illustrated.

The most famous feature of this building is the 11th floor board room, which is lined with wood-panelling and features decorative art deco motifs. Most impressive is the giant table, carved from a single piece of timber and lifted into the room prior to the building's completion. On account of its size, it cannot be removed!



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