Holcombe Terrace
201-205 Drummond Street, Carlton 3053.
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Holcombe Terrace
Holcombe Terrace
  • Constructed in 1884.
  • Designed by Norman Hitchcock.
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Building Description:

The Holcombe Terrace is one of many examples of Victorian Filigree architecture in Drummond Street, and throughout Melbourne.

Holcombe Terrace is as an especially spectacular and well-preserved example of a distinctly Australian architectural style. The veranda was an early Australian response to the warmer climate which made traditional European domestic architecture inappropriate. By the 1850's, the veranda had become an essential component of domestic residences (and remains so today) and with the onset of the gold rushes, ornate verandas featuring "iron lace" became commonplace.

Holcombe Terrace is a fine example of boom style terrace architecture. The polychrome brickwork, cast iron verandas and rendered cornice comprise a typical boom composition. The scale of the buildings give them extra importance where two-storey terraces are the norm. The National trust rates Holcombe Terrace as being of "state importance".



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