Brighton (Bayside) Municipal Offices
15 Boxshall Street, Brighton 3186
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Brighton Municipal Offices
Brighton Municipal Offices
Brighton Municipal Offices
Brighton Municipal Offices
  • Built in 1959.
  • Designed by Kevin Knight of Oakley & Parkes.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no H1292).
Building Description:

The Brighton Municipal Offices in Boxshall Street were designed by Kevin Knight of Oakley and Parkes with the engineers John Connell and Associates and were erected by Prentice Builders Pty Ltd., the foundation stone being laid on 13 February 1959. The interior decoration and furniture was by Grant Featherston. The building was opened on 21 July 1961 and includes a municipal library, council offices and council chambers.

The circular foyer, Council Chamber, and two circular meeting rooms designed by Grant Featherston including their extant furniture and light fittings. The exterior of the building was rendered in red brick with white concrete decoration. The Brighton Municipal Offices is similar in design to the famous Guggenheim Museum in New York, USA.

The building is still used by the City of Bayside for council meetings and a public library continues to operate from the complex.



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