Your complete guide to streaming radio in Western Australia.

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Western Australia
Callsign On-Air Name Frequency Genre Location
6AM 6AM 864 kHz 6AM     Music (Classic Hits) Northam
6MD 6MD 1098 kHz 6MD     Music (Classic Hits) Merredin
6SE 6SE 747 kHz 6SE     Music (Classic Hits) Esperance
6VA 6VA 783 kHz 6VA     Music (Classic Hits) Albany
6NA 6NA 918kHz 6NA     Music (Classic Hits) Narrogin
6EL Spirit Radio 621 kHz 6EL     Music (Classic Hits) Bunbury
6TZ 6TZ 963 kHz 6TZ     Music (Classic Hits) Bunbury
6BY 6BY 900 kHz 6BY     Music (Classic Hits) Bridgetown
6KP ABC North West 624 kHz 6KP     News & Talk Karratha
6PB NewsRadio 585 kHz 6PB 6PB   News Perth
6RN Radio National 810 kHz 6RN 6RN   General Perth
6WF 720 ABC Perth 720 kHz 6WF 6WF   News & Talk Perth
6JJJ Triple J 99.3 MHz 6JJJ 6JJJ   Music (Alternative) Perth 
6PR 6PR 882 kHz 6PR     News & Talk Perth
6RR Racing Radio 1206 kHz 6RR     Sport Perth
6FMS WA-FM 106.5 MHz 6FMS     Music (Top 40) Karratha
6MIX Mix 94.5 94.5 MHz 6MIX     Music (Top 40) Perth
6NOW 96FM 96.1 MHz 6NOW     Music (Classic Hits) Perth
6PER Nova 93.7 93.7 MHz 6PER     Music (Top 40) Perth
6IX 6IX 1080 kHz 6IX     Music (Classic Hits) Perth
6MX Gold MX 1611 kHz 6MX     Music (Classic Hits) Albany
6CLA Class 96.5 96.5 MHz 6CLA     Music (Oldies) Mandurah
6CCR Radio Fremantle 107.9 MHz 6CRR     Community Fremantle
6EBA 6EBA 95.3 MHz 6EBA     Multicultural Perth
6HFM Heritage FM 107.3 MHz 6HFM     Community Gosnells
6MM 6MM 1116 kHz 6MM      Music (Oldies) Mandurah
6PPM 92.9 92.9 MHz 6PPM     Music (Top 40) Perth
6SEN Capital Community Radio 90.5 MHz 6SEN     Community Perth
6LN Classic Hits 666 666 kHz 6LN     Music (Classic Hits) Carnarvon
6CST Coast FM 97.3 MHz 6CST      Music (Classic Hits)  Mandurah
6NR Curtin FM 100.1 MHz 6NR     Community Perth
6CAR Hot Hits 99.7 99.7 MHz 6CAR     Music (Top 40) Carnarvon
6NME Noongar Radio 100.9 MHz 6NME 6NME   Indigenous Perth
6WR 6WR 693 kHz 6WR     Indigenous Warmun
6RED RED FM 88.9 MHz 6RED     Music (Rock) Newman
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