Your complete guide to streaming radio in Tasmania, Australia.

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Callsign On-Air Name Frequency Genre Location
7EXX Chilli FM 90.1 MHz 7EXX     Music (Top 40) Launceston
7AD 7AD 900 kHz 7AD   Music (Contemporary) Devonport
7BU 7BU 558 kHz 7BU   Music (Classic Hits) Burnie
7PB NewsRadio 747 kHz 7PB 7PB   News Hobart
7RN Radio National 585 kHz 7RN 7RN   General Hobart
7ZR 936 ABC Hobart 936 kHz 7ZR 7ZR   News & Talk Hobart
7JJJ Triple J 92.9 MHz 7JJJ 7JJJ   Music (Alternative) Hobart
7TTT Sea FM 100.9 MHz 7TTT     Music (Top 40) Hobart
7XXX Heart 107.3 91.9 MHz 7XXX     Music (Classic Hits) Hobart
7EDG Edge Radio 99.3 MHz 7EDG     Community (Youth) Hobart
7HFC Ultra 106five 106.5 MHz 7HFC     Christian Hobart
7RGY Huon FM 95.3 MHz 7RGY     Community Geeveston
7THE Hobart FM 96.1 MHz 7THE     Community Hobart
7HHO 7HO 101.7 MHz 7HHO     Music (Classic Hits) Hobart
7LAA 7LA FM 89.3 MHz 7LAA     Music (Rock) Launceston
7LCN City Park Radio 103.7 MHz 7LCN     Community Launceston
7BOD Star FM 93.7 MHz 7BOD 7BOD 7BOD Community St Helens
7WAY WAY FM 105.3 MHz 7WAY     Christian Launceston
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