Your complete guide to streaming radio in Queensland, Australia.

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Callsign On-Air Name Frequency Genre Location
4BC 4BC 1116 kHz 4BC     News & Talk Brisbane
4PB NewsRadio 936 kHz 4PB 4PB   News Brisbane
4RN Radio National 792 kHz 4RN 4RN   General Brisbane
4QR 612 ABC Brisbane 612 kHz 4QR 4QR   News & Talk Brisbane
4JJJ Triple J 107.7 MHz 8JJJ 8JJJ   Music (Alternative) Brisbane
4TAB 4TAB 87.6 MHz 8SUN     Sport Brisbane
4BBB B105 105.3 MHz 4BBB     Music (Top 40) Brisbane
4BFM 97.3 FM 97.3 MHz 4BFM     Music (Contemporary) Brisbane
4BNE Nova 106.9 106.9 MHz 4BNE     Music (Top 40) Brisbane
4HTB Hot Tomato 102.9 MHz 4HTB     Music (Classic Hits) Gold Coast City
4MCY Hot 91.1 91.1 MHz 4MCY     Music (Top 40) Nambour
4CCA Zinc 102 102.7 MHz 4CCA     Music (Rock) Cairns
4RGR Zinc 100.7 100.7 MHz 4RGR     Music (Rock) Townsville
4RGT 106.3 FM 106.3 MHz 4RGT     Music (Top 40) Townsville
4MMK Zinc 101.9 101.9 MHz 4MMK     Music (Rock) Mackay
4MK 4MK 1026 MHz 4MK     News & Talk Mackay
4CA 4CA 846 kHz 4CA     News & Talk Cairns
4RO 4RO 990 kHz 4RO     News & Talk Rockhampton
4CC Zinc 1584 1584 kHz 4CC     Music (Rock) Gladstone
4MIX River 94.9 94.9 MHz 4MIX     Music (Rock) Ipswich
4MMM Triple M 104.5 MHz 4MMM     Music (Rock) Brisbane
4NNN Zinc 96.1 96.1 MHz 4NNN     Music (Rock) Maroochydore
4RAM HOT FM 103.1 103.1 MHz 4RAM     Music (Top 40) Townsville
4GR 4GR 864 kHz 4GR     Music (Classic Hits) Toowoomba
4TOO 4TO 102.3 MHz 4TOO     Music (Classic Hits) Townsville
4GLD Gold FM 92.5 MHz 4GLD     Music (Classic Hits) Gold Coast City
4KRY CFM 89.1 MHz 4KRY     Music (Top 40) Kingaroy
4RGD C 100.7 FM 100.7 MHz 4RGD     Music (Top 40) Darling Downs
4ROK HOT FM 107.9 107.9 MHz 4ROK     Music (Rock) Rockhampton
4MKY HOT FM 100.3 100.3 MHz 4MKY     Music (Rock) Mackay
4HOT HOT FM 103.5 103.5 MHz 4HOT     Music (Rock) Cairns
4HIT HOT FM 94.7 94.7 MHz 4HIT     Music (Rock) Emerald
4ROM HOT FM 95.1 95.1 MHz 4ROM     Music (Rock) Roma
4AMM HOT FM 97.9 97.9 MHz 4AMM     Music (Rock) Mareeba
4MIC HOT FM 102.5 102.5 MHz 4MIC     Music (Rock) Mount Isa
4MBB Mix FM 103.5 MHz 4MBB     Music (Classic Hits) Fraser Coast
4SSS Mix FM 92.7 MHz 4SSS     Music (Classic Hits) Nambour
4RGK Sea FM 101.5 MHz 4RGK     Music (Top 40) Rockhampton
4SEA Sea 90.9 90.9 MHz 4SEA     Music (Top 40) Gold Coast City
4SEE Sea FM 91.9 MHz 4SEE     Music (Top 40) Maroochydore
4RGB Sea FM 93.1 MHz 4RGB     Music (Top 40) Bundaberg
4RGC Sea FM 99.5 MHz 4RGC     Music (Top 40) Cairns
4RBL Rebel FM 99.4 MHz 4RBL     Music (Rock) Gold Coast City
4KZ 4KZ 531 kHz 4KZ     Music (Easy Listening) Cairns
4BH 4BH 882 kHz 4BH     Music (Easy Listening) Brisbane
4KQ 4KQ 693 kHz 4KQ     Music (Easy Listening) Brisbane
4SCR ABC Sunshine Coast 90.3 MHz 4SCR 4SCR   News & Talk Nambour
4ABC ABC Classic FM 106.1 MHz 4ABC 4ABC Music (Classical) Brisbane
4MBS 4MBS 103.7 MHz 4MBS     Music (Classical) Brisbane
4MET Radio Metro 105.7 MHz 4MET     Music (Dance) Brisbane
4BI Switch 1197 1197 kHz 4BI     Community Brisbane
4AAA 98.9 FM 98.9 MHz 4AAA     Music (Country) Brisbane
4CBL 101 FM 101.1 MHz 4CBL 4CBL 4CBL Community Logan
4CRB 4CRB 89.3 MHz 4CRB     Community Gold Coast City
4CSB Crow FM 90.7 MHz 4CSB     Community Wondai
4EEB 4EB-FM 98.1 MHz 4EEB 4EEB   Multicultural Brisbane
4FRB 96.5 96.5 MHz 4FRB     Christian Brisbane
4RUM Hitz 93.9 FM 93.9 MHz 4RUM     Music (Top 40) Bundaberg
4MUR My 105.9 FM 105.9 MHz 4MUR     Music (Country) Mackay
4RFM Rock FM 96.9 MHz 4RFM     Community Moranbah
4SDB 4SDB 89.3 MHz 4SDB     Community Warwick
4TTT Triple T 103.9 MHz 4TTT     Community Townsville
4WHO 4WHO 99.7 MHz 4WHO     Community Yarraman
4ZZZ 4ZZZ 102.1 MHz 4ZZZ     Community Brisbane
4BRZ Breeze FM 100.6 MHz 4BRZ 4BRZ   Music (Easy Listening) Gold Coast City
4BCR Coral Coast Radio 94.7 MHz 4BCR     Community Bundaberg
4SFM Sunshine FM 104.9 MHz 4SFM 4SFM 4SFM Community Nambour
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