Hello! My name is Adam and I am a research scientist living in Melbourne, Australia.
I have a fascination with plants, a passion for photography, an interest in coding and a love of travel and writing.
This is my website.
Adam Dimech

Latest News & Stories

A coalition of European science funders has agreed that by 2020 all research funded by those agencies must be published in open-access journals.

7 September 2018 via The Grapevine

Portrait of Malcolm Turnbull

The messy leadership crisis in Canberra has done untold damage to the reputation of Australia’s parliament.

24 August 2018 via The Grapevine

Instructions for running an ImageJ macro script in “headless” mode via the command prompt in Windows.

23 October 2018 via Coding Blog

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Discover how plants evolved over 2.1 billion years from slimy algae to flowering angiosperms. Take a journey through time on the amazing “Plant Evolution Tour”...
How do plants know when to flower? Many people think it’s a matter of day length or the addition of fertiliser, but you’ll see that flowering is a far more sophisticated process.
How did scientists produce artifically sterile plants, and is it ethical? Discover the science behind the Genetic Use Restriction Technology.
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Photologium is my commercial photography website. View the galleries, purchase prints or enquire about licensing my photographs for your next project.
Beautiful photographs from my travels in Asia, including Japan, Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia.
Every week, I upload beautiful new photographs to my Flickr photostream. Come online and share in the joy of photography.
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Culture & Arts

Tune in to hundreds of Australian terrestrial and online radio stations for free. All are listed by state and genre, so you’re sure to find a radio station that suits you.
Discover Melbourne’s rich neon heritage with pictures and videos of fifty of the city's most important heritage neon signs including the Skipping Girl, Pelaco and Allen’s neons plus the Nylex Clock.
Discover some of Melbourne’s finest architecture - both old and new. This site contains detailed information on over 50 buildings, plus photos and maps. Fully revised and updated!
A brochure my family has retained from 1939, with peculiar dietary advice.
Some intersting quotes that I have encountered over the years...
Free Fonts
I have developed some fonts, which are available free for personal use. (Donations gratefully accepted). These include the “Hazchem” chemical safety font and the “Plant Breeder’s webfont”.
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A little biographical information as well as social media and email contacts.
My list of my scientific research publications, abstracts and poster presentations.
Information about this website, including editorial, privacy and copyright policies. You can also take a look at this site's design history.